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                Welcome to Guangyi Stainless Steel Fasteners Chinese | English
                ABOUT US

                Suzhou Guangyi Stainless Steel Fasteners Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and operation of various standard and non-standard stainless steel fasteners.Founded in 2003, the company covers an area of more than 13,000 square meters, with a construction area of more than 9,000 square meters. It has more than 50 sets of fastener production equipment imported from Taiwan. It has perfect testing equipment and supporting facilities for production, safety and environmental protection.

                With large-scale high-quality products, the company is widely used in automotive industry, rail transit, marine engineering, aerospace, machinery industry, electronic manufacturing, petrochemical industry, photovoltaic and solar energy and other key industries and fields. The company has a strong management and product development team, as well as skilled front-line employees.

                The company has passed the ISO 9001-2015 international quality system certification, and has a strict product quality control system.We commit ourselves to:With first-class management and technology to provide users with high-quality products.Serve our customers with advanced marketing concepts.


              2. OUR ADVANTAGES
              3. Testing Equipment

                Sound testing equipment and production facilities.

                Product quality

                Passed ISO9001-2015 international quality system certification

                Professional service team

                Strong management and product development team

                7*24 hour service

                Provide 7*24 hours professional technical service consultation.

              4. Internal hexagonal screw
              5. Internal hexagonal screw

              6. T-type(1)
              7. T-type(1)

              8. German style
              9. German style

              10. American style
              11. American style

              12. Outer hexagonal screw
              13. Outer hexagonal screw

              14. Head screw
              15. Head screw

              16. Countersunk nail
              17. Countersunk nail

              18. T-type(2)
              19. T-type(2)

              20. THE SOLUTION
              21. 01 / Hardness machine
              22. The device measures the surface Rockwell hardness value of the product. The measured hardness value can be read directly from the display window Accurately guarantee product quality.

              23. 02 / Hardness machine
              24. The device measures the surface Rockwell hardness value of the product. The measured hardness value can be read directly from the display window Accurately guarantee product quality.

              25. 03 / Salt spray test machine
              26. The equipment can pass the assessment of the salt spray corrosion resistance of the material and its protective layer, as well as the process quality of similar protective layers, and at the same time can assess the resistance of some products to salt spray corrosion. This product is used in the protective layer salt spray corrosion test of the product.

              27. 04 / Material tension machine
              28. The equipment is a precision test instrument for easuring the process performance,internal defects and verifying the dynamic imbalance of the rotating parts under various conditions and environments.It is used for the analysis of static properties of products such as tensile, compression, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, holding, relaxation, reciprocation,etc.

              29. 05 / Projector
              30. The device's outstanding optical performance,ultra-bright high-resolution diameter 400mm frosted projection screen,30/60/90 degree tick mark,bright surface lighting accessories,and with semi-transparent and optional green filter.

              31. 06 / Optical Screening Machine
              32. Instead of all kinds of needs of the high precision detection screw size detection,visual inspection,defect detection,automatic feeding,detection,identification,screening work,greatly improve the detection speed and precision size,type detection products,a wide range of detection project.

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